Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm getting pretty excited for the upcoming election!  I think I'm actually going to get to vote for the first time in my entire life!!  Usually I'm at work and can't manage to make it to the polls.  I know that employers are required to let you have time off work so that you can go, but... if I only get one day off and have to drive 16 hours one way.... you do the math...  It's not happening!

I've had a few conversations lately about the election and I've found that a good majority of people my age don't actually follow politics.  Some of my friends on the other hand know exactly what they are voting for.  I think its important to know a little bit about whats going on.  I'm not saying you have to know every move, of every party.  If you're unaware do a little research.  Find what party you think is going to do the best job for you. 

Moral of this post:  VOTE!  Make your voice heard.  You might be one small voice, but a bunch of small ones put together makes an awfully loud one (and a majority)... and that's what we need!  Besides, you can't really complain or have an opinion of how YOUR tax dollars are being spent if you don't voice your opinion.  If you're unsure of who to vote for, ask friends (as your friend, I say go with the Conservatives) or family or do some reading of your own on the Internet!  Just don't vote NDP!

PS... Don't forget to Register, and make sure you mark May 2, 2011 down on your calendar!!

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