Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Have you ever woke up and wondered why your bed was such a mess?  I do.  Every day.  I don't know how I manage it, but every morning when I wake up I have sheets wrapped around my neck, blankets on the floor, and pillows strewn from end to end on my bed.  Really!?!?  Do I really have to flop around like a dying fish every night?  What the heck am I doing in my sleep?  All I know is... I hate making my bed, so this NEEDS to stop!

I've been trying to figure out why I sleep like such a spaz.  I don't wake up with nightmares.  Actually, once I'm asleep, I don't wake up at all.... (I suppose now that this is public information, I'd better start locking my doors, or I may wake up to an empty house)... I avoid caffeinated beverages before bed, and I'm still at a loss.  

It could be worse...  I had the "pleasure" of having a sleep over with my cousin this Christmas.  Now to picture her you need to think of a string bean.  She's around 12 (I went to facebook to verify her age, and she has it as being born in 1990, which makes her 21... NICE TRY Brooke!)  Anyways, she's tall (for her age), skinny, all arms and legs and maybe weighs about 75 lbs, soaking wet.  Her mother warned me that she was a "nightmare" to sleep with, and I figured that my Aunt was just exaggerating.... Oh my goodness... NEVER AGAIN!  This kid took the entire bed!  Loved to snuggle but would never lay still, which resulted in bony little body parts being jabbed into me all night.  Talked non-stop, with a little yelling thrown in.  Tried twirling my hair into dread locks.  And decided that grinding her teeth all night long would be "extra" fun.  Needless to say, I was the first one up Christmas morning.  Anyways.  I'm pretty sure I don't do ANY of those things in my sleep.  So life could be worse! 


  1. What we do in our sleep has always been a concern of mine, I've even taped myself sleeping, weird I know! But it happens to be so intriguing, my sister is impossible to sleep with too, she just takes over the bed! You should try taping you, pretty sure you'll find something funny! Thanks for your sweet lines on my blog, they make me smile!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  2. @Cess- I was thinking that! Haha you never know. It could end up being a stellar blog post!

  3. I'm a heavy sleeper so once im out thats it apart from lots of loud snorring lol. My poor husband even recorded me once as i didnt believe him. I actually sound like a plane taking off. Very attractive im sure ha.
    My 3 year old always wants to get into our bed but he wriggles around so much its impossible to get to sleep with him in the bed and he turns sideways on and digs his toe nails into my side so im a nasty mummy and make him sleep in his own bed.
    Sorry for the essay im sure you are not interested in my sleeping patterns :) xx

  4. @nicoletta. You made me lol! I love your essays, feel free to bring them anytime! xoxo