Friday, April 29, 2011


Friday Favorites for the week are.... Flowers!!  Now that it's getting to be that time of year again I thought I'd share my 4 favorite flowers!

#1-Peony.  There is just something so fairytale like about this flower.  I don't know what it is, but its always been on of my favorites.

#2-Dahlia. Structure.  I love how perfect the shape of this flower it is.  It just amazes me at how something could be so intricate and delicate at the same time.

#3-Apple Blossoms.  These remind me of my childhood in Ontario.  I remember the apple trees blooming in the spring, and even though its been 20 years since, I still remember how they smell so sweet and perfect.

#4-Tulips.  I obviously love spring.  There is nothing better than seeing Tulips pop out of the ground once the snow has all melted.  They are always so vibrant yet at the same time there is something so soothing and calming about them.

I have to admit... this Friday Favorites thing is going to make it easy for any future boyfriends out there... So if you are out there and reading!  Take notes! *hint hint*...

I hope you all have a lovely and safe weekend!  Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


For some reason I'm super excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow.  I have no idea why.  I don't usually get so excited about things like that, but I am.  Maybe its because I'm so curious to see what dress that the gorgeous Kate Middleton is going to wear, or what the cake is going to look like.  I think because everything has been kept such a secret it has everyone kind of curious.  I think it's a good thing though.  How terrible would it be for your entire wedding plans to be splashed across every page.  I mean its bad enough that an estimated 3 billion... that's right 3 freaking billion people are going to be watching you say your vows.  Talk about pressure! 

Anyways, today's post is all about Kate Middleton and her fabulous fashion tastes.  This girl rocks everything from casual to formal with ease.  I wish we were all so lucky.  I think we could all take a little inspiration from her.  These are my favorites.

Casual and Classy
Casual and Business Like
Office Wear/Casual Wear

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The last little bit I've been thinking about getting laser hair removal.  I know its kind of expensive, but really, so is buying razors and paying for costly waxing sessions.  I figured out that if I live until I'm 70 I'm going to most likely spend $18,000 plus on waxing and shaving supplies.  That's a lot of money!  So why not just pay the couple thousand up front and not have to worry about it?

I've been doing lots of research, and laser hair removal works best on fair skinned dark haired people.  Who knew that I'd be happy to be the pale girl for once in my life?  Anyways.  I'm going to go for a consultation to see if this is going to be something that is going to work for me.  And to find out the type of cost associated with the procedure.  I'm actually really excited about the fact that I might not have to ever shave again!!

Have any of you ever had it done?  Do you know anyone who has?  Were they happy with the results?  I'll let you know how things go if I decide to go ahead with it.  I think it might be a great thing!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I woke up this morning wishing I was eating Colored Eggs & Hot Crossed Buns with my family.  My family seems to have traditions for every holiday, and this just happens to be our Easter one.  I hope you all have have a very Happy Easter!  For those of you who are going to be traveling home, I wish you a safe journey!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I wanted to say a GREAT BIG Happy 55th Birthday to my Dad today! (You are officially old enough to qualify for a seniors discount!) 

I know you guys are probably wondering about the "El Wandro" in the title.  It just so happens to be a name my fab SIL and I came up with for him on our way back from the Dominican Republic one year.  Now to understand this story you need to know that my dad happens to be a bit of a wanderer.  We could be going anywhere, to the market, through the airport, to dinner or even the beach and manage to lose him.  I don't know what it is, but he's there one minute and gone the next.  Something catches his eye and he just veers off  and vanishes (kind of like me when I see shiny things) while everyone keeps walking.  All of a sudden, someone turns around and realizes he is missing.  He always turns up, and everyone (with the exception of my mom) thinks its absolutely hilarious.  Anyways, Natasha and I were being ridiculous and pretending we spoke Spanish.  Our Spanish involved putting the word "EL" in front of anything... (El Taco, El Magazino, El drinko) and apparently an "O" on the end of every word.  Somehow we came up with "El Wandro" for my dad and it kind of stuck.

Now my dad is one of the kindest most generous people you will ever meet!  I know I haven't always seen eye to eye with him.  I know I've frustrated the bejeepers out of him at times, but regardless, he still loves me, and I love him too!  Today is all about celebrating a wonderful man!  So Happy Birthday Dad!  I wish I could be there to celebrate with you guys.  You make me so proud to be your daughter! 

And PS.... You are one hunk of burning love in that sequin hat!! 

Friday, April 22, 2011


Well here again as promised, are my Friday Favorites.  I decided to do my favorite things to eat.  They don't necessarily all go together as one meal, but I'm sure it could happen.

#1- Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Easter season is my favorite for this reason.  Well... obviously they are other reasons, but this makes a pretty good one!

#2- Grilled Cheese.  Now it can't just be any old grilled cheese.  It has to be on good bread (not your regular wonder bread) and it can't be processed cheese.  I really prefer Marble, or Havarti, or Jarlsberg, or in a perfect world... all three together in one perfectly grilled sandwich.

#3- Guacamole.  I can not get enough of this stuff.  Actually I could make this one all Mexican food!  I think I was Mexican in a past life!  If you ever get a chance to go to Sandpoint Idaho, make sure you find a little place downtown called Jalapenos.  They serve up some mean salsa and chips, and make sure you don't leave without having the deep fried ice cream.  It is always a stop on my trip down to the US of A!

#4- Pink Lemonade.  What does pink lemonade mean to me?  It means summer is officially here.  I refuse to drink it during the winter and reserve it as my special summer indulgence.  It is just a whole bunch of happy in one glass!

Anyways, I think its time to go eat some breakfast, now that I've got myself positively starving and coffee isn't quite hitting the spot!  I hope you all have a lovely long weekend.  Happy Good Friday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've always been interested in the psychological meanings behind dreams.  Last night before I fell asleep, I thought that this would make a great post.  I was just hoping that I could actually remember what it was I was dreaming about.  My dream last night was this (in summary):

I was on a golf course that was really in someones house.  An old co-worker lived there.  Her mother was there, and this girl kept telling her mother all about how my ex-boyfriend (who was never really a boyfriend... just  horrible date that I went on a few times...) had hand sewn me puppets to win me back.  [INSERT BREAK TO RUN FOR SAFETY MEETING....] We then got massages, and I ended up having a sleepover in this guest bedroom that was something out of a fairy tail... THE END

Now I have no idea why I was dreaming about this stuff.  Puppets creep me out.  I haven't seen or spoken to this girl in over a year, but somehow she got brought up this morning over breakfast (by someone else).  And a house golf course?!?  That's just odd, but none the less, I would love to live in it!!  I went to DREAM MOODS DICTIONARY to see what this all meant.

GOLF COURSE:  To dream that you are on a golf course, represents your desires for freedom. You want to escape the grind of your occupation

MASSAGE: To dream that you are getting a massage, suggests that you are lacking sensual or sexual stimulation in your waking life.  You need to be more in touch with your sensuality. Perhaps you need to take better care of your body. The dream also represents nurturance, ease and comfort. Alternatively, getting a massage suggests that you need to let go and stop being so defensive.

PUPPETS: To see a puppet in your dream, suggests that you are easily swayed by others and are allowing them to control you. You feel you can not stand up for yourself.

EX-BOYFRIEND: To dream that your ex-boyfriend gives you a stuffed animal, suggests that you are seeking for reassuring and nurturing aspects of a relationship. This is not to imply that you want you ex-boyfriend back.

SLEEPOVER: To dream that you are at a sleepover, indicates that there is a situation that you are refusing to see or accept. You need to be more alert and pay attention to what is going around you. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you need to let your guard down and learn to be more open and receptive.

Its so weird sometimes how dreams can be so strange and ridiculous.  I think I'm almost convinced that thy nailed this one right on the head.  The only one interpretation I have an issue with is the Puppets.  I definitely DO NOT have a problem standing up for myself. (This isn't always a good thing either).  Anyways, if any of you give this a go let me know how it turned out.  I found it pretty interesting!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



The green grass I have been so patiently waiting for isn't anywhere in sight.  All I see is tiny white snowflakes right now.  Really?!?!?  Could we please strike up some sort of bargain?!?  I'm pretty sure I would just about sell my soul for a little bit of sunshine right now!  I also think that if you don't start cooperating soon, you are going to have a lot of SAD people wandering around, and that isn't really safe for anyone!

Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated (ASAP preferably).

Monday, April 18, 2011


My first official picture post with the new camera (and blonder hair...)
 I've been thinking about buying a new camera for quite awhile now.  I've had a few people try and talk me out of it, but I decided that it was something I really wanted, so I spoiled myself and got one!  I think I need to quit listening to what other people think and do things for myself (not that I usually listen anyways)... but I'm tired of feeling bad about the choices I make.

I'm officially the proud owner of a Nikon D300s!! With some lens that I don't even know what it is... actually... its stamped right on it.  The AF-S NIKKOR 18-105mm ... I have no idea what it means, but it works for me.

I've been reading so many lovely blogs over the last little while, and your guys pictures are AMAZING!!  I could never figure out why my "point-and-shoot" could never compare to the pictures I always see... Well, its like Racing a Pontiac Sunfire and a Ferrari, there are just obviously better components to the latter.

My real inspiration came from the lovely El over at MY INSPIRATION with her CHERRY BLOSSOM post.  That was the final push I needed to go and get myself a camera.  I realize that its not just the camera, but obviously the photographer behind them... all I know is that the moment I saw those pictures, I knew I had found a new hobby to pursue. 

Friday, April 15, 2011


Today's post was inspired by Tiffany over at A REASON TO BE FABULOUS.  She left a comment on one of my previous blog posts about how she likes learning things about the people behind the blogs she reads.  From now on, Fridays are going to be about all of my favorite things.  I'm going to pick 4 favorites every week to share with you, so without further adieu here we go:

Clockwise from top left:
 1) My Coach handbag!  I think this was the best "splurge" I've ever had!  I get a ton of compliments on this bag and I just love it!  Even after a year of packing the same one around, I have no desire to use another! 

2) My super cute niece Vyla!  She is the cutest thing you ever did see!  Any of you out there who have nieces and nephews...  you know what I mean!

3) My friend Krystle.  You can find her over at KRYSTLES KORNER.  One of the things I love about this girl is she is so positive!  She has a wonderful outlook on life and she is so giving of herself.  She is the epitome of what a friend should be.  Not to mention the shenanigans that the two of us get up to (without getting arrested) astounds me! 

4) Shoes!  I love shoes.  I was thinking about this pair this morning.  I bought them over a year ago, and I have no idea where they are!  I don't even think they've had the pleasure of getting acquainted with my pretty little toes.  So if any of you out there have seen them.... Kindly return them (Points fingers at Steph...jk)

There you go.  My 4 favorite things of the week.  If you didn't make the list this week, don't worry, you just might next week... or the week after... (a good indication is me getting snap happy around you!!)

Have a lovely weekend!  Enjoy the wonderful weather wherever you are!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


What is it about packing that I hate so much?  I always try and pack ahead of time but it never seems to happen for me.  Or when I do, I always end up needing things in the bottom of the suitcase, box, or tub, which ends up in my packing becoming complete and utter chaos.

The point of my story is... I'M FREE!  I'm officially going on a couple days off.  Technically I could be going right now, but I'm such a procrastinator that I'm not even close to ready.  I have absolutely no desire to do anything.  Weird huh?!  I mean really... who stays at work when they don't have to be there?  Me...

I figured I'd get my blog done, make some pancakes, shower, pack all my stuff in my truck and then go.   I have pancakes cooking as we speak...mmmm... pancakes, so I guess I'm part way there. 

On the bright side, I get to see my brother tonight.  I'm going to go visit and help him finish up my nieces new room that he's reno-ing while the lovely NATASHA and Vyla are in Arizona.  So I guess I'd better get cracking!  Have a wonderful day my lovelies!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I don't know what it is about lately, but I have absolutely no desire to write.  I don't think its a lack of desire, I think I'm just stuck on topics...  I mean it isn't really that easy to sit in the middle of nowhere day after day and be inspired.  I'm so thankful my time at work is winding down.  Its going to be so nice to go home, see my family, my friends, and sleep in my own bed!

Normally during the summer I don't get to do a lot of thing, but this year I'm going to try and make it a little different.  I'm going to set goals for myself and cross them off one by one as I do them!  These are the things I want to accomplish:

1) Paint the entire interior of my house
2) Rid my lawn of wildflowers (aka dandelions...)
3) Visit Mt. Rushmore
4) Take a Photography Class
5) Take a Pottery Class
6) GET A TAN!! (this hasn't happened in years)
7) Go Camping
8) Go Fishing
9) Walk around Wascana Lake in Regina
10) Start going to the gym

I'm sure I'll add other adventures to my list, but these are the things I plan on doing.

Friday, April 8, 2011


I got this wonderful idea from Cess over at THE OUTFIT DIARIES Thank goodness, because I was having one of those days where I had no idea what I was going to write about! 

Wanna play? Here are the directions:
1. What’s your  name and blogger name?
2. What’s your blog’s URL?
3. Write, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
4. Favorite quote?
5. Favorite song?
6. Favorite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  Play safe!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Where does self confidence come from?  We've all seen that guy or girl that seems to have it all together.  They are confident in everything they do but don't come across as cocky.  What makes people so secure in themselves?  Now on the other hand, there are those people who really aren't that special, but they sure as hell think they are?  Sometimes I wonder... 

I've compiled a list of what I think different types of confidence are. Here is my list:

#1: I think the difference between confidence and cockyness is humbleness.  Now as some of you know, I rather enjoy telling you how wonderful I am.  Fabulous is a word that comes out of my mouth once in awhile (sometimes quite frequently).  Now, yes, I do think I'm pretty wonderful, but I also think that the people who surround me are equally as wonderful too.  I don't think that I'm better than anyone by any means, but I am definitely confident in my own abilities.

#2: Now there are those people that have an over abundance of confidence:  When I hear the word "cocky" a fist pumping, oompa loompa colored, shirt lifting American comes to mind.  Some people are so over the top in their thinking of themselves that it borderlines on ridiculous.  I have known a few people through my journey who think they are SOOO good looking that they won't give the average guy or girl a chance.  NEWS FLASH!! You are not better than everyone, you are NOT that good looking, and lastly, you are going to be single for the rest of your life if you keep thinking this way (because lets face it... most of them are)!! 

#3: I've also discovered a third type of confidence.  This one is the "delusional" one.  We've all met people who think they are the next Celine Dion or Pavarotti when in all truth, I would rather listen to every annoying sound I can think of (nails on a chalkboard, hampsters spinning in his wheelie thing, a 4 hour instructional video on how to tie my shoe laces [in a monotone voice]...).  You could also look at blog I've discovered called CAKE WRECKS.  I know that some of those cake decorators were very proud of themselves... and once you start looking you are probably going to discover that I am infact right.  (Not to mention... you are going to spend the rest of you day looking through this site and laughing your head off)  The point of this "observation" is... If you know someone who is a terrible singer or a terrible cake decorator, don't encourage them to keep going by telling them how wonderful they sound, or how beautiful their cake is.  Instead do them a favor... steer them into a direction that they are going to excel at (and save the rest of us a lifetime of torment)!

I guess its time to ask yourself... what kind of confidence am I?  For the love of God, I hope you all decide on Confidence #1.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I got this wonderful video off of My sister-in-laws, sister-in-laws blog.  Our Pink Thoughts.  I just want to take a moment to give a shout out to Katie.  She does such a wonderful job recognizing strong women in our communities.  Her blog is always a read.  I highly suggest you check it out!


Thank you Katie, for always being an inspiration.  Though I haven't even met you, I feel like we are already friends.  (and Natasha tells me wonderful things about you).  I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Have you ever wondered where motivation comes from?  Where do we get the strength to get through difficult tasks?  What keeps us from giving up?  Why do we seem to struggle so hard for some things, and yet give up so easily on others?

For those of you that know me, you know I am a goddess in the procrastination department.  And if you didn't know that, I'm obviously better at hiding it than I thought!  I can find a million different tasks to do, except the one I'm supposed to be doing.  I've started to notice a pattern (actually mom fantastic mother pointed it out, THANKS JONI!!)  I start things really strong, and then I just give up.  I guess all in all.  I'm a quitter.  But what makes me that way?  Why do I do it?  After some reflection and deep thought, I realized that I tend to sabotage myself before I have a chance to fail.  I mean, really... Isn't it better to be a quitter than a failure?  NEGATIVE!  Just because things are hard doesn't mean I'm not going to accomplish what I set out to do.  When things get tough, the tough get going... Anyways, I found a great quote awhile ago, and I think this applies to me!

"The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed."

How true is this?  I guess it is just the perspective you "choose" to have.  And really, is failing such a bad thing?  No.  Many successful people have failed and gone on to do great things. Now I'm not saying I'm going to fail at everything I try.  But if I quit, I have already failed.  I will never know what kind of a success I could have been.

My goal for the rest of this year is to finish the things I've started... like the scarf I've been knitting for two years.  To push myself in different directions, preferably tropical ones, and to see how far I can really go.  And the word "QUIT" will not be in vocabulary.  The only thing I am going to be QUITTING is my online shopping habit (or at least cutting down), because who are we kidding?!?!  I would NEVER quit that!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


It's pre-shower this morning and already my mind is going in a million different directions.  I was thinking about my attitude today.  In the last few years I've noticed my attitude changing (for the better).  I'm more tolerant of people, not so quick in my judgements, and in general, I'm a happier person than I've ever been before.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of people live in the past?  They like to dwell on the misfortunes that life has dealt them.  I realize that people need to vent or grieve, or just talk about their feelings, but there is point where enough is enough.  You can't be dwelling on the fact that you're car broke down in 1999 (twice), your cat ran away, and you spilled grape juice on your favorite white shirt.  Should you still be complaining about it 12 years later, and expect people to sympathize with you?  Unless you're over the age of 80 and suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer's, or are just clearly delusional you can't expect that to happen.  I think that we as humans should embrace every experience we are given.  We all go through hard things in life, yes, some are harder than others, but we go through these things for a reason.  We can either "choose" to be miserable, or we can "choose" to move forward. 

I realize that it is not as cut and dry as this.  Obviously somethings are harder than others to endure.  The loss of a loved one, the breakdown of a relationship, the loss of a job.  All of these things are tough.  The thing is, you'll get through it.  You can either try and ignore it, you can complain about it for the rest of your life, or you can just deal with it.  The choice is yours.

Now I haven't gotten where I am today without a few hardships.  Specifically, the loss of my son.  It devastated me.  I experienced a whirlwind of emotions.  It was a chore to get up in the morning.  I wondered "Why Me"?  What did I do to deserve this?  Some days I thought that the pain would never end.  And I was right.  It doesn't go away.  Yet at the same time, it doesn't hurt quite as badly as the days pass by.  Grief doesn't have a set number of days.  They say the "average" is a year.  Its been almost two years since this horrible day, and truth be told, I still grieve.  I still wonder what he would be like, I still cry (although not on an hourly basis anymore), and I still think about him every day.  The point of the story is, I could let this destroy my future, or, I could choose to embrace this experience, and truly live.  It still astounds me how one little life could have such an impact on me.  I now live my life to make him proud.  I choose to see the world as a happy place and look for the blessings in the unexpected circumstances.  But most of all.... I have made the choice to live each day to its fullest.  To be a little kinder.  To try a little harder.  My life is filled with so many blessings that I never before saw, all of this is how I came to "Think in Pink".

Friday, April 1, 2011


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  Try something new.  Learn something new.  And inspire someone to be the best they can be!