Friday, April 22, 2011


Well here again as promised, are my Friday Favorites.  I decided to do my favorite things to eat.  They don't necessarily all go together as one meal, but I'm sure it could happen.

#1- Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Easter season is my favorite for this reason.  Well... obviously they are other reasons, but this makes a pretty good one!

#2- Grilled Cheese.  Now it can't just be any old grilled cheese.  It has to be on good bread (not your regular wonder bread) and it can't be processed cheese.  I really prefer Marble, or Havarti, or Jarlsberg, or in a perfect world... all three together in one perfectly grilled sandwich.

#3- Guacamole.  I can not get enough of this stuff.  Actually I could make this one all Mexican food!  I think I was Mexican in a past life!  If you ever get a chance to go to Sandpoint Idaho, make sure you find a little place downtown called Jalapenos.  They serve up some mean salsa and chips, and make sure you don't leave without having the deep fried ice cream.  It is always a stop on my trip down to the US of A!

#4- Pink Lemonade.  What does pink lemonade mean to me?  It means summer is officially here.  I refuse to drink it during the winter and reserve it as my special summer indulgence.  It is just a whole bunch of happy in one glass!

Anyways, I think its time to go eat some breakfast, now that I've got myself positively starving and coffee isn't quite hitting the spot!  I hope you all have a lovely long weekend.  Happy Good Friday!

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