Thursday, April 7, 2011


Where does self confidence come from?  We've all seen that guy or girl that seems to have it all together.  They are confident in everything they do but don't come across as cocky.  What makes people so secure in themselves?  Now on the other hand, there are those people who really aren't that special, but they sure as hell think they are?  Sometimes I wonder... 

I've compiled a list of what I think different types of confidence are. Here is my list:

#1: I think the difference between confidence and cockyness is humbleness.  Now as some of you know, I rather enjoy telling you how wonderful I am.  Fabulous is a word that comes out of my mouth once in awhile (sometimes quite frequently).  Now, yes, I do think I'm pretty wonderful, but I also think that the people who surround me are equally as wonderful too.  I don't think that I'm better than anyone by any means, but I am definitely confident in my own abilities.

#2: Now there are those people that have an over abundance of confidence:  When I hear the word "cocky" a fist pumping, oompa loompa colored, shirt lifting American comes to mind.  Some people are so over the top in their thinking of themselves that it borderlines on ridiculous.  I have known a few people through my journey who think they are SOOO good looking that they won't give the average guy or girl a chance.  NEWS FLASH!! You are not better than everyone, you are NOT that good looking, and lastly, you are going to be single for the rest of your life if you keep thinking this way (because lets face it... most of them are)!! 

#3: I've also discovered a third type of confidence.  This one is the "delusional" one.  We've all met people who think they are the next Celine Dion or Pavarotti when in all truth, I would rather listen to every annoying sound I can think of (nails on a chalkboard, hampsters spinning in his wheelie thing, a 4 hour instructional video on how to tie my shoe laces [in a monotone voice]...).  You could also look at blog I've discovered called CAKE WRECKS.  I know that some of those cake decorators were very proud of themselves... and once you start looking you are probably going to discover that I am infact right.  (Not to mention... you are going to spend the rest of you day looking through this site and laughing your head off)  The point of this "observation" is... If you know someone who is a terrible singer or a terrible cake decorator, don't encourage them to keep going by telling them how wonderful they sound, or how beautiful their cake is.  Instead do them a favor... steer them into a direction that they are going to excel at (and save the rest of us a lifetime of torment)!

I guess its time to ask yourself... what kind of confidence am I?  For the love of God, I hope you all decide on Confidence #1.

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