Monday, July 11, 2011


This morning I was doing some reading and came across a saying that really made me stop and think.  "We are not put on this earth to please everyone".  Have you ever stopped and thought about it?  How many times have we sacrificed what we wanted just because somebody else didn't think it was a "good idea"? 

I'm not saying that it isn't a good thing to put other people first.  I do think part of life is pleasing others, but at the same time, where do you draw the line?  Do you give up your hopes and dreams because someone doesn't exactly agree with the path you've chosen? 

I've spent many days doing the "people pleasing".  I've been made to feel bad about some of the decisions I've made.  I think the worst thing about it is, is that it's the people closest to us are the ones that make us feel this way.  The people that we look up to and respect.  The ones that we would give up anything for, just so we could receive a little bit of acknowledgement.

The truth is, I need to do the things that make me happy.  Whether it be my job, where I live, my relationships, what I wear, how I spend my money, what I do in my spare time.  Just because I do things that aren't right for someone else doesn't mean that the things I "choose" to do are wrong.  With that said, I'm not some sort of law-breaking hooligan.  I realize I'm not perfect.  I make mistakes.  But then again, who doesn't?

The point of this is, live for you.  Do the things that make you happy, and never apologize for that (unless you do something really really stupid!)  And never let someone make you feel bad about something you are passionate about!  The main person you should be on earth to please is...yourself.


  1. I have done the mistake of living trying to please the others to end up being miserable and disappointed, looking for our own happiness is the real deal, so inspiring!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. I find its a line that never seems to be in the same place.... But a great post and something we should all think about!