Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Tonight is the beginning of the Stanley Cup  finals.  For those of you who follow hockey, make sure you cheer for the Vancouver Canucks!!!  The only way I would let you cheer for Boston and still want to be your friend is if you happen to be located way over there...  Even then I still think you should jump ship and hop on the Canucks Bandwagon!

Now, I've always liked hockey, but for some reason this year its been amped up a bit.  Maybe because the team I cheer for has gone further than they have in a long time.  The best thing about it is the rivalry.  I love watching my friends hockey teams get knocked out one-by-one.  There is nothing better than gloating!  I realize that this might end up in me eating crow one day, but regardless, a little competition is great!  Plus I think Vancouver has the best fans ever!!

So, I guess you know where I'll be for the next couple weeks, glued to my TV watching every minute of hockey that I can!  GO CANUCKS GO!!

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  1. We won't get to watch the game tonight, well most of it because it starts at 5, and I'm going for a hike at 6, and Brody has softball at 6:30. Of course we won't be missing the really important games though!