Thursday, June 9, 2011


From Point 1-2 is a 16 hour drive, 2-3 is a 10 hour drive, and from 3 back to 1 is 12 hours.
The countdown is on.  I only have 3 more days until I get some days off and get to go home!  This means that I have been trying to write scheduled blog posts to entertain you guys while I'm away.  The one thing I love about leaving work is the fact that I don't even open my computer the entire time I'm away.  While I'm at work, I spend most of the day wandering around aimlessly online reading this and that, window shopping, and googling every random thought I have.  I have to admit, the one thing I do miss about being gone is reading all your fabulous blogs.  Which means, I have a ton of catching up to do when I get back to work.

Anyways, for days of I have a ton of plans.  I'm going to try my hand at wallpapering, get some yard work done at home, head to my parents house for a few days to see some wonderful friends and my grandma.  The best part is, its WEDDING SEASON!  I love weddings!  So yes, this also means I have a wedding to go to (and I can't wait)!  After that, I'm headed back to work.

 Round trip I put on about 4200 kms of travel!  So seeing as how I have such a long long way to go, make sure you say your prayers for a safe drive!

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